Virtual Reality

Sounds crazy, right? Not ever stepping foot inside a home that one would potentially purchase sight unseen; buying one of the most expensive investments without ever opening a closet door or physically touching a wall! The future of this concept is here. Florida is the land of transplants. People are continually moving here for the weather or for a job. Sometimes, one has only days to busily find a home and the expensive option to fly and spend a few days looking may be unrealistic and costly. While online floorplans, pictures or videos are helpful, having a customer actually immersing themselves in viewing a new home is the current reality of home builders.

While similar technology is sued by realtors, custom builders can now take that one step further. Using an inexpensive set of virtual goggles, a potential client can simply download an app and within minutes, one is walking through rooms. The technology also allows one to use a computer to “walk” around a home and its surroundings navigating up, down, left or right.

This technology will also be a sign of the times as a way for builders to allow consumers to experience a home that has yet to be built through virtual reality by sitting in front of a monitor and wearing a headset at a builder’s design center. While the model is being built, a customer can view the floorplan without waiting for a finished product or visiting a construction site and imagining the walls and space. While I don’t think that model centers will ever go away, this gives the builder another option to use during the construction phase.

ProCraft Builders plans to utilize this technology and introduce it to the Spring Hill community in 2018! Visit for updates on this new venture.

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