If you are looking to update, add on or change the exterior or interior of your home than you want ProCraft Builders for the job! We are an award winning, recognized builder in the Spring Hill area and a trusted name in the business. We understand that remodeling your home can often be a stressful process. We strive to make the process of remodeling any part of your home as easy and stress free as possible.

New Construction

A custom home is exactly that, a home built to your exact specifications. So while some may think that a custom home is an expensive home, it doesn’t have to be. What it can be is a home that meets not only your needs but also your wants, at a price that fits your budget. Ultimately it’s your home, built your way. Custom home building is a complex process that requires know-how and range of experience to get the job done just right.


ProCraft Builders is eager to work closely with you on the special requirements your commercial project deserves. With both in house and subcontracting capabilities, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry to service all of your commercial construction needs.


Our Approach

Initial Meeting

We start with an initial consultation. This meeting is all about us getting to know each other. It is an opportunity for us to listen to your vision for your project. This honest and open forum allows us to discuss how we can make your ideas into a beautiful creation!

Design Review

Once we have a sense of your goals, we will measure your physical space to draw up the initial design. We will then present the design to you and take note of all your questions and feedback. This is your chance to put all the personal touches you want into your project, so don’t be afraid to speak up and share your thoughts.

Project Review & Budget Finalization

After approving the design, we head into the final project approval phase. Here, you can bring up any remaining questions or concerns you have about the design before we begin construction.  We will also finalize the budget so that you know what to expect and can put down the deposit.


With all finalizations of the design, materials, and budget complete, let the construction begin! We will do our best to keep your home clean and “livable” as possible throughout the construction period. We will communicate timelines and will touch base on a consistent schedule.

Final Step: Completion!

Next Steps...

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